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Welcome to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Special Interest Group (SIG)

Free software is the term introduced by Richard Stallman in 1983 for software which the user can use for any purpose, study the source code of, adapt to their needs, and redistribute – modified or unmodified. The ambiguity of the English word “free” in the term means that, if not explained, “free software” can be misunderstood to mean software that is available without charge. To address this, many people have suggested alternative names.

Please refer to the Wikipedia explanation of the meaning of FOSS.


The FOSS SIG is a Special Interest Group under PICISOC with the proposed mission of;

  • Promoting the use of FOSS
  • Participating in FOSS development


To join the FOSS SIG, you must first join PICISOC. You can join PICISOC by following the link

To become a member of the FOSS SIG if you wish, please join our mailing list by sending a blank email to <under construction> . After confirmation, participate in our mail list by sending an email to <under construction>


Antonio Josiah <[email protected]> Vanuatu
Dr. Rohitash Chandra <[email protected]> Fiji
Edwin Liava’a <[email protected]> Fiji
Etuate Cocker <[email protected]> Auckland
Mark Perkins <[email protected]> New Caledonia
Sakaio Manoa <[email protected]> Fiji
Scott Weeks <[email protected]> Hawaii
William Tibben <[email protected]> Australia


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